Grace Jeffers

Grace Jeffers lives in a material world. An artist, designer, writer and historian, Grace is a thought leader in American art, architecture, and design. She challenges us to reconsider long-held presumptions about materials. By taking a step back she shows us bigger stories and teaches us how to see differently. Jeffers is known to challenge our preconceived thinking, urging us to re-evaluate concepts such as ‘Natural’ and ‘Artificial’, ‘Real’ and ‘Fake’. In her lecture Global Forestry she reveals the complexity and importance of understanding timber sourcing, the laws, and our responsibility to forests around the world. For the past 14 years, she has been the creative force behind the award-winning Wilsonart Student Chair Competition, the longest running sponsored student design competition in the US. A writer and commentator on design and materials, her articles have appeared in journals such as O, at Home, and Interiors & Sources.